Liebach Consulting

I have finally taken the jump, and is fully self employed with my own company, Liebach Consulting, working with 7N as my agent, currently exactly half way through my first 6 month full-time contract. It feels very good. The downside is that I don’t know anything about where I work and what I do after april 1st when the current contract ends. They may extend it—they have an option for a 3 month extension—or decide they don’t need me anymore. [Read More]

iOS → Android

I have finally pulled the trigger and bought an Android phone; my trusty old iPhone 5 was getting less trusty, and since iOS 11 will not support iPhone 5’s (for very good reasons), I figured it was time for a new phone, so about 3 weeks ago I bought a OnePlus 5, and I’m loving it. Bye bye Apple, it was good while it lasted. I find Apple hardware far less compelling now than I did about 5 years ago when I last bought hardware from them, so it was an easy choice, and yes, my laptop is also that old, and it also needs a replacement soon, finances permitting, and it’ll be a PC running Linux, OpenBSD or FreeBSD. [Read More]

In the Dentist's Chair

Today I visited my dentist to have her look at a suspicious tooth she had discovered a few weeks ago when I had to have a root canal done in a tooth that I broke. She couldn’t quite make out what was wrong on the original x-rays, so had a new one taken today, and it was still not conclusive, so she just had to anaesthetize and start drilling to see what was wrong. [Read More]


Last sunday I sat at Soulhouse in Copenhagen, meditating in intense bliss, tears of happiness and gratefulness running down my face, in The New Tantra’s Step 9. Absolutely one of the top experiences of my life in itself, and a deep imprint that will no doubt reverberate through the rest of my life. It was, in other words, profound. The deceptively simple—but not easy—trick that Alex Vartman and Apollo taught was this: sit and meditate, and take the perspective that you’re dreaming. [Read More]

New Job at Grundfos

Finally I found a job. And not just a job to have a job, but a job that is right up my alley. Right from when I first saw the job I had a good feeling about it. It was mine. So I sent off the job application, and then waited. Finally I got called in for an interview last thursday, which went really well and felt real good, and then within an hour of arriving back home I got a call and was offered the job. [Read More]

Going to Hell in a Fruitbasket

I’ve had a draft of a blog post titled “Applelandia Exit Strategy” lying around for 6 months or so. It is about how I will be leaving the lands of Apple and live the super sexy and free open source lifestyle with a Linux laptop and Cyanogenmod on my Android smartphone. Alas, it is not to be, not for the foreseeable future. I have a very short list of Mac software that I have a really hard time finding an adequate replacement for on Linux; 1Password & Soulver. [Read More]

The Machinery of Freedom

I stumbled upon this talk by David Friedman about how you could construct a society with no government. You could call it anarchy, but Friedman seems to call it “radical capitalism”. He wrote a book named “The Machinery of Freedom”, and this talk is based on that. Fullscreen is recommended. There are more details about the economics of it in The Market for Law (video link doesn’t work, so go for the audio), including the weaker sides of such a system. [Read More]

The Meaning of “Chop Wood, Carry Water”

The title of this site may seem a bit weird, unless you know the full Zen Proverb: Before Enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water. And that might still be a bit weird… Enlightenment, in the buddhist sense, changes nothing on the outside, you still have to chop wood and carry water. This is not to say that I think I am in any way, shape or form, enlightened. [Read More]

Website Ported to Jekyll

I think Octopress is a bit too complex for my needs, so when something broke—again—I took the oportunity to port everything back to good old jekyll. I think I like it. For simplicity’s sake I just use the default jekyll templates with some minimal changes, and I’ve written a Makefile and a script to manage stuff, and that’s it. There are no doubt some things that broke in the process, but going through all 700+ blog posts is a bit much to ask, I think. [Read More]

Reinvigorate your iPhone

My iPhone 5 is getting old, but I have given it a new lease on life. The battery didn’t last for a full day of normal use, and most frustratingly, it wouldn’t charge unless I jammed the connector in real hard, at just the right angle. Lately not even that was enough, sometimes it would indicate it was charging, but the battery would still be draining. It was so incredibly frustrating. [Read More]