I went to a sikkerhedsforum.dk meeting this evening. Huge thanks to Flemming Jacobsen for sponsoring pizza for me, I am so poor this month that I can't afford frills like that. Free food is my favourite food.

I had arranged for us to hold a PGP keysigning party, only 8 people had sent me keys, so it was very easy to manage. Especially since two people had forgotten essential info. You know who you are.

Want to sell your old hardisk? Read this first: "Remembrance of Data Passed: A Study of Disk Sanitation" [450k PDF], it's about used harddisks from e-bay and all the secret data people don't delete before they sell them. Not exactly news, but it made the news.

"Software Assurance" made it into a list of 10 Emerging Technologies That Will Change the World along with things like quantum cryptography and several nanotech applications. Nice.