Hooray! Finally, after a wait that felt like an eternity (17 days), the new Elftor strip is out. It's about Elftors valentines day. It rocks, as usual.

I've frequently seen revered references to Ayn Rand in various places on the Internet, and from what was mentioned in those references I always thought that she sounded pretty stupid. It seems Rob Slade agrees in his review of "Atlas Shrugged". No need to read that book.

I like the clearly Discordian "The Illuminatus! Trilogy" much better, it is fun, a mental hurricane. It is also very discontinuous and hard to read, with lots of occult sex and a priest named "Padre Pederastia" for a reason. It's colorful and paranoid with lots of conspiracies. Recommended.

Now that I'm on the topic of recommended books I'd like to recommend the authors Neal Stephenson and Peter F. Hamilton, both are great sci-fi writers, and I think I own 4000+ pages worth of their works combined.