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Weblog entry — 2003-02-22 19:43:34


In China piracy is so widespread that artists have virtually no income from CD sales, and are forced to develop alternate revenue streams. In the article "Pop stars learn to live with pirates" Thomas Crampton describes the effects of the ubiquitous piracy in China.

Record companies say that what piracy has really done in China is to cause fundamental shifts in the way the countrys music industry operates. It has simply forced [Chinese popstar] Wang and his fellow stars to change the way they live, work and play. There is no income from the royalties, so artists in China record single songs for radio play instead of albums for consumers, said Lachie Rutherford, the president of Warner Music Asia-Pacific.

One can only hope that the record companies at large sees the light and start implementing a more Chinese model, it's getting really old listening the the pathetic whining they've been up to the last five years or so, because the world ain't gonna change, so they'll just have to adapt.

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