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Weblog entry — 2003-03-23 13:41:31


The war in Iraq is having a more profound effect on me than I'd have thought. There's so much bullshit flying around at the moment, nobody seems to really know what's actually happening, with the possible exception of the military commanders on the US/UK side of the war, and yet they still don't know where Sadam Hussein is.

On todays frontpage over on Paul Fords FTrain Scott Rahin is quoted as saying:

I am watching a lot of television for signs of the our eschatological drive towards maximized human entropy. Based on barely controlled alcohol and snack abuse and CNN I feel that this current drive towards absolute horseshit began in 2000 with the election, and has continued until the present day; in the intervening time, they, meaning the powers that manufacture consent, have taken the horseshit and baked it into giant biscuits and sent one to every American with an eat this or get out of the country sticker on them, and most Americans are sitting around eating this giant horseshit biscuit, thanking Jesus for the opportunity to chew, and many have actually eaten the sticker.

Followed by a nice little puppetshow, which it all is. Puppets.

I am watching a lot of television for signs of intelligence in the newscoverage. I've seen none. I've watched more television in the last 3 days than in the last 6 months before. I feel depressed. Television is not healthy for me.

There's no doubt that Sadam Hussein is a dictator of the worst kind, right up there with Hitler and Stalin. The sooner he's gone the better, but he's not a go-peacefully-into-exile kind of guy. He wants to take the Iraqi people with him if he can.

The best solution would've been to instigate a revolt from within Iraq, or maybe a classic good old fashioned assassination, but any politician sanctioning such a thing would risk his/her political cereer, and that's why it hasn't happened. There's been at least three chances for this, each time Sadam Hussein has come out "victorious", killing tens of thousands in the process on one occasion.

It's sad that our politicians are spineless like that, their #1 priority is to get reelected, not doing the right thing. They can get reelected by waging a war costing thousands of innocent peoples lives, instead of a small commandoraid on Iraq killing only Sadam Hussein and his closest people. We as voters should remember this. I'll vote blank the next time.

Depressingly yours

Morten Liebach

This entry is a prime candidate for a rant in the Text part of my site, I might rewrite it later, add some more, and let it appear there.

Unrelated to the above, "Being Good" brought tears to my eyes. I was very touched, and I always am when I read Paul Fords FTrain. I wrote Paul Ford once when I stole a little from his copyright notice to use in my own copyright notice. His answer:

Hey, Morten! Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for pointing out what I should edit. (Note: I pointed out a small typo to Paul)

I'm glad you could use it as inspiration for your own (your own copyright statement being, of course, a model of efficiency and intelligence compared to my strange ramblings).

Paul, sometimes I wish I were better at "strange ramblings" than "efficiency and intelligence", your work is so much more worth my while to read than I think my own would be if I wasn't me. I am more deeply touched by than any other site on the 'net, and I wish I could write like that. I will now upload this and put Depeche Mode on the stereo.

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