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Weblog entry — 2003-04-01 13:24:06


It's April 1st today. Let's start listing the jokes:

Henning Brauer announced sweeping pf changes
As most of the pf developers are germans it only makes sense to change all the keywords to german in /etc/pf.conf. A patch was attached.
AOL/Time Warner shuts down
Breaking news on their frontpage: "Due to patent violations with a Trusted Operating System in development by AOL/Time Warner, I have been ordered (via a cease-and-desist letter from their lawyer, Frederick C. Wilkes) to stop development on grsecurity and remove all code relevant to their claim (the kernel part of grsecurity, gradm does not contain any violations) from the website within 24 hours." Those pesky patents!
Steve Bellovin just released rfc3514.txt
"Firewalls, packet filters, intrusion detection systems, and the like often have difficulty distinguishing between packets that have malicious intent and those that are merely unusual. We define a security flag in the IPv4 header as a means of distinguishing the two cases." Right.
Gentoo Linux's latest Weekly Newsletter say they'll adopt RPM
A little too obvious, it clearly states "April 1st, 2003" in the <title> element and the Headline (which is a <p class="dochead">, not <h1> as it should be, how ugly).
Tom's Hardware reports that Microsoft Buys Linux
A little too obvious, it's so easy to see that they're lying. Not too good, but they're only hardware people ...

Over at there's a lot of interviews with rather importatn people in software, I can recommend that you browse those pages and see if anything tickles your fancy. No, this is not a joke ... it's 15:30 now, and by now I'm tired of all this kidding around.

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