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Weblog entry — 2003-04-08 22:30:13


I just read the article "Are we doomed yet?" by Sheldon Pacotti of Deus Ex fame. In it he talks about the dangers of suppressing information, citing Bill Joys classic Wired piece "Why the future doesn't need us" (2000), and David Brins "The Transparent Society" (1996) also from Wired. The latter were new to me, and very good. This is massively interesting stuff, and well worth your while to read, there's more than an hour of reading in those three articles.

Bill Joy wants to restrict information, Brin and Pacotti are in favor of the open model, just as I am. This is much the same discussion as has been going on in the IT-security industry, usually under codenames as "Responsible Disclosure" and phrases like that. Information can be a dangerous thing, both having information and lacking it can be bad, but I'm strongly in favor of the idea that openness builds a more robust society in the long run.

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