Weblog entry — 2003-04-16 10:33:00

It can be fun to read logs from your webserver. I had a logreading, or rather a log-grepping session and found a User-agent that claimed to be "Mozilla/6.0 (CP/M; 8-bit)", and someone working at my ISP took the time to spoof the referer too, so it was the well known "Reads Logs Too Tightly/1.0" browser referred from "http://tubgirl.com/". Do not look at that site! There's a reason that that is not a clickable URL.

At least I'm pretty sure that tubgirl.com doesn't link to my site, but I dare not look, I remember vividly the revolt I felt the first time.

I feel like ranting on about how fucking stupid browser checks are, because I've started using a non-standard User-agent setting in my browsers, and it's ridiculous how many sites break on it. Alltheweb is one of them. But I gotta go — Later ...