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Weblog entry — 2003-04-21 23:38:32


The OpenBSD/DARPA spectacle continues. According to a mail from Theo de Raadt on misc@, says:

I wanted to update you on the situation with the Univ of Penn. project. As a result of the DARPA review of the project, and due to world events and the evolving threat posed by increasingly capable nation-states, the Government on April 21 advised the University to suspend work on the "security fest" portion of the project.

This is vague and bureaucratic talk, and can be interpreted in many ways, but I read it as something like "We in DARPA feel that OpenBSD is becoming too secure, what if those mean terrorist states get it? We can't have that, we're cutting you off." I don't think that is very intelligent thinking — and I'm being extremely moderate here.

It's like the bad old crypto export restrictions reiterated (regurgitated?), the same naïve thinking, and it was clear then that only US companies were hurt by those. The same will happen again, just now hurting the whole world, albeit not as severely. It's stupid and shortsighted.

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