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Weblog entry — 2003-05-07 19:11:26


I've quit the "System Engineering 1" [Danish only] course. It was far too boring, and I were wasting my time. We were supposed to learn database design, and we did, yet we never saw a single line of SQL or any other programming language for that matter. Microsoft Access was used as example database (and I use the word "database" in the loosest possible sense of the word here), and it just sucks. It's OK as a front-end though.

It was a part of the "Datamatiker" [Danish only] ("Datamatician") diploma course. I've never heard anything but disappointment from anyone hiring a "Datamatiker", and I fully understand. If all you know is what you learn there, you know next to nothing.

I sent out an email explaining why I quit to my group, Cc:'ing it to the teachers. I've gotten one supportive answer from the group that I were very happy about, and I'm looking forward to, maybe, hear from my teachers, if they have any comments. It'd be interesting to hear ...

I'll try and get on the Microsoft .NET developer course I spoke of on April 29th. I attended their information meeting today, and I were pleasantly surprised. They seemed very competent, sharp and not bent on turning out Microsoft worshippers or indoctrinating people with Visual Basic (crap) or C#. It'd be possible to work with Java if there were interest.

I don't think I'd mind learning C#, it sounds like a nice enough language, with a portable compiler, and the .NET framework is portable to FreeBSD and the wonderful Mac OS X. It would be fun to play with, maybe even profitable.

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