It takes someone like William Gibson to coin a term like "Al-Queda Stegoporn" [from Gibsons May 9th 'blog entry]. He also talks about Salam Pax from Baghdad being back at his "Where is Raed?" 'blog. It is very good reading. And it's nice to know that he survived the war, I was worried when he stopped posting on March 24th, but of course internet access is spotty at best during war.

Voicemail systems is being exploited by crackers because of easily guessed default passwords issued by the phone companies, and naïve users neglecting to change them. This is not really news. The world needs strong authentication, but "the world" doesn't care or learn it seems.

If you absolutely have to use passwords as the only authentication, Diceware is a very good method to generate them. There's also apg that should work on any Unix, it even implements an RFC 972 password server, though it is not a really good idea to use under most circumstances.

Tomorrow I'm going to become godfather for Freja. I wish I had a picture of her to show, but I don't.