I feel sorry for dogs, he works on the AOL helldesk:

< dogs> dear god
< dogs> DEAR GOD
< dogs> what fuqnuts
< spod_> all's well in aol hell?
< dogs> fuq no
< dogs> gah
< dogs> aolers trying to tell me about sockets and ports and ip
< spod_> bless
< dogs> "hello i'm blocking all traffic from everywhere and i'h aving problems signing on"
< dogs> try to explain them why they dont need to block EVERYTHING
< dogs> "but that means i'm gibving millions of poeple access to my computer"
< dogs> *sigh*
< dogs> next call..

And a little later:

< dogs> "while its uninstalling, do you mind if i nip off to the loo ?"
< Liebach> dogs: You just have *so* much fun, huh? :)
< dogs> indeed :)
< dogs> sparkle sparkle

Remember, it's all about hate management.

I saw X-men 2 today. Nice visual effects, great action, weak story, in other words; the usual. I were entertained all the way through, and that's all one of that kind of movie can ever do. It was good, and I recommend it.

I've been joyfully wasting a lot of time and energy on my girlfriend in the last week, but now I won't see her until next Sunday. It's in 6 days!

I'll probably post more often this week.