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Weblog entry — 2003-05-22 18:30:50


Just 3 days left ...

Of course I forgot the powercord to the powersupply for my laptop when I left Gentofte. So now I've rigged a cord to connect to the powersupply with a lot of tape and a little ingenuity and improvisation, and amazingly it works. Thank god, 3 days without a computer ... I'd better not think about it.

My mother is hardly civilized, she doesn't own a computer.

I drove my mother to work today so I had the car during the day. I went to the beach at Lodbjerg and walked the dog for over 2 hours, got a lot of sun, and saw how much the storms during last winter had changed the coastline. Two dunes that had been in decline for the last 5 years were now all but gone, and lots of new features had appeared, and if anything it now all appears more rugged and inaccessible.

Just behind the dunes there were a lot of salamanders getting warm and lazy out in the sun. I got a good look at one of them, it had the most beautiful green belly and camouflaged back. It just sat still and tried to disappear. The dog, Bosso is his name, paid it no attention. I think he operates on smell alone, his eyesight isn't too good anymore, and he doesn't really pay attention to sounds unless he has to. He's ¾ Labrador, ¼ Rottweiler, 7 years old.

I so wish I had a good digital camera so I could show you how beautiful it is out there, it's really amazing.

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