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Weblog entry — 2003-05-26 17:56:25


Sorry about the countdown to the " " (nothing) from yesterday. There was something, I got to see my girlfriend again, after being separated for a week. That was tough. We were busy yesterday when we finally got home.

Had the first day of my Microsoft .NET developer course. It seems nice in many ways, and contrary to the other times SoftAdvice has run that course they start us out with C# instead of the usual Visual Basic stuff. Very good!

We use Beginning Visual C# (ISBN 1-86100-758-2) from WROX to learn from.

C# looks quite Java like, and is a nice programming language in itself, and the .NET framework is in my opinion the first time in many many years that Microsoft has actually been innovative, but they build a lot on the thinking that went into Java. My greatest problem is that the editor in Visual Studio is absolutely terrible, at least for someone like me, spoiled by the incredible sweetness of the VIM editor. I'll look into using VIM with Visual Studio soon.

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