Liebach v3.0 alpha

Weblog entry — 2003-06-02 16:33:33


These DEATH quotes crack me up.

As usual Theo de Raadt is doing evil stuff, patching gcc(1) to emit a warning for all sprintf(3) and vsprintf(3) calls. This won't go into the 3.4 release next November, but the patch and Theos comments can be seen in his email to Now you can enjoy the warnings you deserve.

I've made a pass over my site with LinkChecker. It concludes with "Thats it. 73 errors in 2032 links found" and telling me that it took over 15 minutes to make that run. Looking over the results I see that the link on each page to my PGP key generates an error each time in spite of the server being up and responsive, albeit slow. I think it's a bug, and in reality I have less than 10 broken links on my site, all of them from pages or domains no longer in existence. I only found 3 fixable errors.

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