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Weblog entry — 2003-06-04 15:50:42


The weather is fantastic at the moment, but it's no fun to be sitting inside in a room with 20 other people and computers running in nearly 30 °C learning about and coding C# and .NET. I'm quite drained when I make it home, and it's not because I'm using Windows and Visual Studio, they're not that loathsome. Unix is still a far more pleasant environment to work with though, but it's just not an option here.

It would be fun to try using C# and .NET on something not Windows to see whether the Microsoft propaganda about portability is just hot air, but I don't have a spare machine with the specs needed to run the shared source CLI. Maybe Mono is the more realistic choice of Open Source .NET implementation, but it's mostly Linuxcentric it seems.

In a sidebare to a very favourable article about OpenBSD from eWeek, Timothy Dyck writes:

Organizations deploying firewalls or virtual private networks — and preferring to do so on servers rather than dedicated appliances— should consider the highly secure and easy-to-configure OpenBSD. The operating system's security track record embarrasses all others, and this release continues to advance the state of the art in attack defense. The product is free to download, or a CD set can be ordered for $40.

Emphasis is mine. It's very nice to see that there are still clueful trade press reporters that haven't been bought by Microsoft yet.

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