If you use Unix you eventually get to look like these two fine Old Skool Hackers. It is Brian W. Kernighan on the left, Dennis M. Ritchie on the right. If you don't know who they are, you're a heathen, goto The Web Page From Hell.

I can only recommend that you go and see Lars von Triers latest movie Dogville, it's a great movie with first class acting, a very original set and a good and dramatic history, especially the end. My favorite line from the movie is "Some things you have to do yourself", spoken by Nicole Kidmans "Grace" character. And she does do it herself.

I saw The Animatrix the other day. It was a badly copied VCD, and if I had a DVD player I'd just love to own it, it's really splendid animation, and it expands just nicely on The Matrix universe and history, and answers many questions left unanswered by the movies.