I wonder if this should be considered spam: "Keebler's instant-messaging bots offer recipes while spreading the word." At least it's a wildly fascinating concept.

In the misc@openbsd.org thread about "PF not enabled by default?" Theo de Raadt really sum up the OpenBSD developers' attitude extremely well in one of his answers to the thread:

Stop posting your whines and crying all over our mailing list; you might have forgotten, but let me remind you: We do OpenBSD development for ourselves — NOT FOR YOU — the only reason why you users get to enjoy the good things in OpenBSD is because you often have the same needs as us. In this case, you are suggesting we should be more like you — and want pf running by default. Well, we are smarter, and we know we don't. Grow up.

So many people need to understand this. Or start using another operating system and leave the OpenBSD developers alone.