I've finally upgraded to the latest OpenBSD current. I can report that Mozilla Firebird runs and works like a charm, I just need to convert my Konqueror bookmarks to the Mozilla format, and I fear I have to do it semi manually, but I just have to watch Le Mans first.

I will now chastise the lemans.org webmaster: Why is the "/" document a HTML file named qzgdeb0p.exe and served as MIME-type "application/octet-stream (Binary Executable)", and eg. http://www.lemans.org/2003/24auto/index_gb.shtml served as MIME-type "application/octet-stream (HyperText Markup Language)"? The only page I could actually view was http://www.lemans.org/club/pages/index.html which is in french. I don't understand french. Yes, I'm pissed off.

I'll write an email to webmaster@lemans.org when I cool down a little, they're probably very busy now, and the problems won't be fixed before sometime next month at the earliest, but more probably never.

I'll go shopping, there's an hour to the Le Mans start.