I've now taken the plunge and installed Windows on my laptop, so now I have all the Visual Studio tools and the .NET Framework at home too. Right now I'm dual-booting OpenBSD and Windows XP using ntldr, but I'm moving my stuff to my old server "oenone"; 300 MHz K6-2 with 128 MB of slightly bad memory. Of course it runs OpenBSD, I do need my daily Unix system administration fix after all.

Actually this is my first post from this new setup, but having rsync'ed the stuff over I expect no problems. When I've confirmed everything works as it should I'll wipe the laptop disk and change to a pure Windows installation. Because dual-booting just sucks, and doesn't leave room for my 5+ Gig MP3 and Ogg Vorbis music collection.

Speaking of which; Neuros makes a portable MP3 player which, according to this news item at Xiph.org, can also play Ogg Vorbis files. It looks damn good, and can be expanded to 20 GB ... I want. $418 — US only. Argh!

I'm writing a guide to setting up PuTTY on Windows XP and making it as comfortable as using OpenSSH & Keychain. Together with WinSCP it integrates the tools nicely with the Windows environment. I'll probably either expand my existing laptop page or write a new one about dual-booting BSD and Windows too.

I'm going to look into setting up Samba for file serving to my Windows machine. I'm a little apprehensive about that … and I'll have to let sendmail relay mail from Windows so I can send mail from it. I'll keep on reading mail from my Unix shell at mongers.org of course, reading mail on Windows is stupid, dangerous and annoying.

I think I should start updating more often instead of writing such long pieces as this one, but with my new setup it'll only be when I'm home that I can write — at least directly.