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Weblog entry — 2003-06-28 22:27:09


I like what I've seen of .NET so far, but when I get to ASP.NET I think I'll be a little disappointed, judging by the looks of Christopher H. Lacos rant in his 'blog. The discussion started at the YayHooray! boards, and deserves a read, though it's noisy as always in open web based forums. I think "ttrenka" is right in saying that:

… I think MS has a split personality. There's a tremendously talented set of coders there who occasionally “get it right”. And then there's a tremendously greedy section there which we all (including me, believe it or not) hate with a passion.

Just remember if you read the discussion, the word “Microsoft™” solicits knee jerk reactions from many — and I understand them — but they're often wrong, acting on emotions, not facts. They might even be Linux users.

I guess I'll have to dig in to Authoring Custom Controls in ASP.NET, it seems to be the best way not to look like a stupid & ignorant Microsoft user.

Following up on yesterdays entry Camiel Dobelaar of pointed me to VirtuaWin, and it is indeed much faster and more feature rich than the PowerToys one from Microsoft. Thanks!

Alas! there's a caveat: VirtuaWin assumes stupidly that anyone can write to any file anywhere on the harddisk. This is untrue for correctly configured Windows NT based operating systems. The workaround is to install it as Administrator and then create a directory as the user who should use it in the users home catalog somewhere like C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\VirtuaWin. Use regedit.exe to edit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/PROGRAMS/VirtuaWin/Settings and set Path to point to the directory of your user installation. Obviously only this user can use it then. I think I'll file a bug.

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