Liebach v3.0 alpha

Weblog entry — 2003-07-01 14:25:45


I've decided to rewrite this whole site in XML. Currently it's XHTML with m4 macros as a kind of preprocessed SSI. It's getting unwieldy and annoying as the site grows.

The biggest problem is that I'm currently learning some darn sweet tools in the .NET framework, and I'm very very tempted to write something in C# using those tools. I'm itching to scratch one of my own itches with those tools, but they're not yet really portable, and that's a high priority.

Then I can rewrite it all in portable C++ and later learn Java rewriting it yet again ... and now I've just planned my spare time for the next year or so. Maybe it's better just to bypass the C++ part, Java is portable enough, and also has nice tools built-in to work with XML, C++ doesn't.

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