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Weblog entry — 2003-07-04 13:32:09


I had a long and tough day yesterday, first attending course, and then I waited for the "Mailserver Celebrity Deathmatch", qmail vs. Postfix. Henrik Størner (very competent SSLUG sysadmin) representing qmail and Phil Regnauld of cat| Systems ApS representing Postfix, Postfix slides are available as is some pictures and audio in Ogg Vorbis format. I think Postfix won, but the (utterly corrupt) judges postponed their decision for 45 days so they had time to find someone who could be a Sendmail proponent. That someone has been found, but he doesn't yet know himself.

Stefan Esser has released exploit code for the Microsoft Xbox (2004-03-13: Sadly it seems to have been removed from the archive) that will install Linux on a perfectly unmodified Xbox. Previously you'd have to do some soldering to achieve the same. The explanation in the email of what's going on is also quite good. Microsoft makes “Trustworthy Computing” a dirty word … as usual.

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