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Weblog entry — 2003-07-10 19:57:34


The Observer has a series of two highly disturbing articles, "The last resort", part 1 and part 2 by Decca Aitkenhead. I found them linked from in the article "Harsh Re-education Camp For US Troubled Rich Kids".

Some highlights:

Also striking is the assumption parents make of entitlement to their child's affection, as though this is a legal right. "She's a neat kid, she really is," a former student's mother says. "She just didn't like us." But now, "I don't believe she's lying to me any more, and that's a neat feeling."

Well, of course she didn't like her parents, she were probably a bright imaginative kid and realized instinctively how crappy her parents were. Then they killed her soul.

Kids are entitled to their parents love and affection, and normally it'll automatically go the other way too, but there's no entitlement whatsoever. If your kid hates you, you've lost. Period.

Of course no "Real USAsian™" can accept this. Better make reality a better fit:

What Wwasp has created is a perfectly watertight world in which all criticism is, by definition, discredited. From former students, it merely proves they are still dealing in 'manipulations'. If parents are unhappy, the 'poor results' they got only indicate that they failed to support the programme. Staff are bound by a confidentiality clause, and any who leave and speak out are cast as 'disgruntled former employees' with personal axes to grind.

It's like Scientology. Despicable.

What's really scary is that the persons sending their kids off to this brainwashing program are the kind of persons that are well off and obviously successful in other aspects of life, achievers, yet it is clear that they are not fit for parenthood. And they run the US.

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