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Weblog entry — 2003-07-21 19:03:50


I've done something stupid. I've entered a Triathlon now, albeit a very short one (380 m swim, 18 km bike, 4.2 km run). It's on Thursday 31st of July at 18:00 for the first heat.

Last time I entered a Triathlon race was in 1997 in Fredericia at the combined Open Danish/European Championships on the Ironman distance. I spent 10:07'17" on the course, but at this 10th of the distance event I'm lucky if I can do it in a 10th of that time. I'm that unfit. I probably can't average 35.3 km/h over 18 km now that I did over 180 km in 1997. I won't even think about swim and running speed ...

I really look forward to it. The cold water. The pain. The exhaustion. All of it.

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