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Weblog entry — 2003-07-22 23:54:37


For fun I tried to see what a Google search for "scientology" would turn up.

I found the Church of Scientology front page (where you should take your time to enjoy the incredibly kitschy flash animation) and I followed a link to this little gem; a "HOW TOXIC ARE YOU?" test. Be sure to lie as much as possible, since they've made filling in your name and email address required fields. I'm often "John Doe" <> for that kind of stuff.

Try many times with different answers and see the not very varied results. All "YES" and all "NO" and everything in between. You're toxic, just admit it.

Don't listen to the crackpots over at, second place on Google, they're just jealous ...

Join the Church of Scientology. It's for your own best. It really is.

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