I raced in Kulturhavn Triatlon 2003 today. It was great, and I'm very happy about it, all things considered. Some stats:

  • Swam 380m in 7'11", a respectable 1'53"/100 pace, pretty good as my total swim training the last three years has been less than 100m total.
  • Did the 18km bike ride in around 32 minutes, about 33.7km/h. Ok.
  • Ran the 4.2km in 21'57", 5'14"/km. Very good for my totally unfit 95kg cadaver.
  • Total time, including transitions of course, were 1:07'58", my own timekeeping.

The water in the harbour were around 19°C, very comfortable for racing. Very clean. It's very rare that the water gets so warm in Denmark. And my swimming technique were surprisingly good.

I can feel I haven't done a race in 6 years, and havent trained at all for nearly as long. A lot of little practical details weren't there yet, but all in all it was a great experience. I'll join KTK86 real soon now, I'll do a full Triathlon season next year.