The pictures from my Triathlon race [da] yesterday are already on-line. Official time for me is also available on-line:

  Time Split   Average speed
Swim 380m   7'55"   7'55"   2'05"/100m
1st Transition   9'49"   1'55"  
Bike 18km   44'23"   34'34"   31.24km/h
2nd Transition   46'01"   1'39"  
Run 4.2km   1:07'57"   21'56"   5'13"/km

The swim time were registered nearly 100m from the exit from the water, so my own registration of a 7'11" swim time (1'53"/100m) is far more accurate. I'm a little disappointed that I weren't faster on the bike, but since I haven't done any training for several years I guess it's OK.

The transitions are long, the swim to bike transition because there were over 300m to run, the last 100m with the bike and, in my case, in bike shoes. The bike to run transition were slow because I had to put on socks or else my shoes would gnaw my heels raw. Otherwise socks are a waste of time in a triathlon.