You can make stunningly beautyful things with the TeX typesetting system. I'm especially fascinated by The Book of Tea [2.7MB PDF, 77p.]. It's about Teaism, an 'ism I didn't know. I'm going to pour myself a cup of tea now.

I saw T3 today. Great action and effects. The story leaves me quite unimpressed. But it always does in that kind of movie, they're after all made so nobody will feel left out. The curse of the lowest common denominator.

I'm worried by one thing in general in Hollywood produced blockbuster movies; the common theme of the inevitability of destruction of Life As We Know It™, be it by meteor, machines, human error, stupidity or any combination thereof.

"No Future!" as the slogan went — has punk really succeeded at last? I hope not, I hope there's hope, but I have my doubts, especially as I had an encounter with a group of absolutely braindead FCK sucker ... err, soccer fans on my way to the movie theater. Maybe we need what Tool sings about in Ænema. Learn to swim.

I'll take another cup of tea, please.