I'm making backups of my data on my Windows XP machine so I can wipe it and install a dual boot setup with Red Hat 9.0 and XP. Linux certainly isn't my first choice as real operating system besides XP, but I really want to play around with Mono and see how well it works, working on Windows is driving me crazy.

I really like C# and the .NET framework, but the more I use Windows the more loathsome I find it. It's not a developers platform, it's for average people. Don't take that as an insult, it's not meant to be.

I really like C# and the .NET framework, both has been standardized by ECMA as standards ECMA-334 and ECMA-335 respectively. I'm specifically not talking about the MSN Passport part of .NET, I think that part is absolutely evil, and concentrating far too much infrastructure of the Internet in the hands of one vendor. Microsoft should've let someone else do that, it would've been better for everyone in the long run, Microsoft included.