You too should join the Theocracy and OpenCULT, you really should. Yet another piece of entertainment courtesy the people.

If you want to see just how much you can do in pure CSS without changing the underlying HTML go look at the CSS Zen Garden. There's a lot of absolutely beautiful designs.

I've been having a lot of trouble setting up my laptop to dualboot Windows XP and OpenBSD over the last few days. It kept not working, and I had made it work easily at one point in the past. I were going mad. I tried installing the fine GAG bootmanager and it still didn't work. Finally I correlated the facts that my disk has 63 sectors per track, that my OpenBSD partition started at 0 sectors and that GAG installs to the first track of the disk, and that this is normally free. I repartitioned and made the first partition start at 63 sectors instead of 0 and now GAG works perfectly. If I had not fucked up so much the instructions in the OpenBSD FAQ would've been correct, and I could have used ntldr instead of GAG, like I have done in the past.