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Art exhibition


Yesterday we went to the 2020 Visions art exhibition. There were thousands of paintings, all of them in the same 20cm × 20cm (8" × 8" for the metrically challenged) format in four rows from knee height to about eye height. It was fascinating to walk along back and forth and still discover new painitngs that you had overlooked the first few times around. And you were allowed to take the paintings down and rearrange them, a great idea. At least two of the artists have websites; Liw Hexx Larsen and The latter were one of the more interesting artists, and he gets serious bonus points for mentioning CSS Zen Garden as a source of inspiration for his webdesign.

We got the Programming ASP.NET book today. It's a good book. We've already been through a big chunk of it as photocopies, and I hate reading photocopies. It's good to have the real thing in your hands.

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