Last Thursday were the annual BSD-DK general assembly, and a few of us, including Alex, met in advance for burger at Cafe Comma [da]. Unfortunately they'd just changed owner and didn't have a liquor license yet, so we had to do without beer, and since I had picked the place I were the one to blame. Obviously. Great burgers though, not at all like the crap McDonalds sell.

And I got “elected” to the BSD-DK committee. Two wanted to stop, and there were two of us who wanted to get in, so it was quite easy.

Yesterday I attended BB&BYOB V1. We had a great evening, though I got beat in Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus by Henriks 4-year old son Linus while he taunted me; “You're not so good”, “Look dad, don't you think I'm cool?” etc. I think I should start actually playing computergames, it's too embarrasing to be a geek and totally lack any kind of skills in that area.