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Yes, drugs may kill you…


Onother one bites the dust by pulling a ripper, more or less. Be sure to check the links at the bottom of the page, there's video and online news articles. Tragic and all that, but I really have a distinct feeling it's darwinian selection at work here, people doing massive doses of drugs like that, without knowing anything about the effects, really must be lacking some mental faculties.

Police caught the seller of the Magic Mushrooms to the poor guy. I bet his sentence will be a lot harsher than normal for the offense. That's “Justice.”

The term “pulling a ripper” come from the death of Brandon Carl Vedas, also known as “ripper” on IRC, on January 12th 2003. He took a load of prescription drugs while talking to his friends on IRC and having his webcam turned on and online. The IRC logs are called ripperlog.txt [1258 lines] and post-ripperlog.txt [301 lines]. “I told u I was hardcore” … and dead.


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