Liebach v3.0 alpha

Autumn walk


It took me nearly two hours to get home today, the subway traffic was chaotic because the powerlines for the train between Nordhavn and Svanemøllen had fallen down. No details given. I got off the train as quick as I could at Dybbølsbro and walked some of the way, took a bus and walked a little more. Always better than sitting stuck on a train with too many increasingly grumpy fellow passengers. Just slightly bad timing as I were carrying two huge books and my borrowed WebNet device, when I'd normally have no books or other stuff to carry.

Nice autumn weather though, I enjoyed the walk.

I've uploaded a new screenshot from my laptop, the beautiful mandelbrot fractal in the background is a slightly modified version of mandelbrot.gif. Look through these pictures (huge page, several MB), a lot of junk and a few brilliant pictures about ¾ down the page. It's where I got the fractal.

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