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Kaizers Orchestra rocks!


WOW! If you ever get the chance to see Kaizers Orchestra live you should. You MUST. They're the best live act, ever. Their music is great, but seeing them live really adds another dimension.

I saw them in a sold out Vega. Both the floor and balcony were packed and there was a great athmosphere in the room. They played for about 1:45' or so, very intense, yet they managed to wind it down in a perfect way, letting the audience sing the last part of their second encore, then lights out, a quiet moment, and the normal lights in the room were turned on.

They are in the middle of a 6 week european tour, and they claimed this was the best concert yet. Maybe they were just flattering the audience, but it's hard to imagine it could be any better.

I got tired of looking at the old fern fractal graphics, so I've borrowed the OpenBSD wireframe daemonhead and applied some GIMP to it, and png2ico to create the favicon.ico file.

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