Microsoft propaganda event

I attended a Microsoft propaganda event this morning in Tivoli.

Steve Balmer, Microsofts CEO, talked about "Innovation or Stagnation". The interesting stuff from his talk:

In the end there was a short Q&A session, much to my surprise. Not terribly interesting though.

Next up was Martin Kiær from Microsoft Enterprise Consulting talking about "Trustworthy Computing". It was the most technically interesting part of the morning, the highlights were:

The last speaker after a short break was Pascal Stoltz, Director of The Information Worker Group, in other words he is the director of the group producing Office, Visio, FrontPage and that sort of boring stuff. Basically he was out to spread FUD and I won't go into that, it was just around 20 minutes of unsubstantiated claims, benchmarketing and talk of ROI. He also managed to royally mess up what Open Source and Open Standards are on his second or third slide. It was a mess, but he's probably just a businessman, a manager.

They know that StarOffice and even more are the main competitors for their cash cow office suite.

Cameras weren't allowed inside (yet a saw at least two people taking pictures with their mobile phones), so I couldn't take any pictures with the camera I had borrowed from Henrik, but afterwards I took a short little photosafari through Tivoli with SiGNOUT hunting for textures to use on my website and just enjoying the very pleasant autumn weather and Tivoli itself.