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Fact and fiction


Verisign continues to be morons. According to Declan McCullagh in "VeriSign sticks with redirect service" for ZDNet Verisign says:

There is a lot of fiction about the actual technology and the service,” VeriSign spokesman Brian O'Shaughnessy said. “What we are doing is trying to determine fact and fiction and we're doing so by reaching out to the technology community and helping them to understand exactly what is fact and fiction.

Let me help you Brian: The fiction is whatever comes out of Verisigns PR department, the fact is that what Verisign is doing with the .com and .net TLDs at the moment is hurting the Internet community and Verisign seems to be incapable of grasping this simple fact.

I wish Verisign would die. Don't ever buy anything from them or their resellers.

There's nothing like coming home after around 48 hours off-line and find 50+ mails claiming to be a Microsoft Security Update. Obviously only the lamest idiot on the planet would fall for such a scam, but judging from how many I've gotten "the lamest idiot on the planet" is, sadly, plural. Read more about it on The Register or Sophos' W32/Gibe-F info page.

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