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ICANN says “stop”


Three days ago ICANN asked VeriSign to stop their DNS wildcard “service”:

Recognizing the concerns about the wildcard service, ICANN has called upon VeriSign to voluntarily suspend the service until the various reviews now underway are completed.

It goes without saying that they haven't removed that wildcard A record yet. has a story sbout it too:

On Saturday, the Internet Architecture Board also weighed in on the controversy with an analysis of domain name system (DNS) wildcards. The group recommended that “DNS wildcards should not be used in a zone unless the zone operator has a clear understanding of the risks, and that they should not be used without the informed consent of those entities which have been delegated below the zone.

Again it's the good guy Declan McCullagh contributing. It's pretty damn clear how little VeriSign care about those who have given them the right to administrate the .com and .net zones. Is not the right way to play, VeriSign, show some good will.

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