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EU “Yes” to software patents


The EU parliament has voted “Yes” to software patents. There were 361 for, 135 against and 28 that abstained. As usual The Register is has great coverage of the news with “European Parliament castrates software patent regs”:

There are also severe restrictions on the types of software that can be patented. For example software found in mobile phones, video recorders and set-top boxes can't be patented. And patents can only be enforced against end-users, not suppliers. Industry lobbyists are far from happy.

Then I am happy. It could easily have been a lot worse. Now it's nearly OK.

If you're into Danish you can try Jyllands-Postens coverage in “EU-parlamentet vedtager Softwarepatent-direktiv.” They call Linus Torvalds and Alan Cox Linux-activists…

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