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First post-Sun Bill Joy interview


After Bill Joy left Sun nearly a month ago there haven't been much talk about what he's up to. There is now, Fortune have an interview him, appropriately titled “Joy After Sun.” The interview covers a lot of ground, including the latest generation of worms like Sobig.F and friends:

…You may not want to print this, but why have we been so fortunate that no one has done a Sobig virus that wipes your hard disk clean? It's just one more line of code. Just one line.

I, and probably many others, have asked this question. The reason probably is that virus writers are pussies who doesn't dare going all the way. Too bad, I'm convinced something like it is needed to wake people up.

He goes on to talk about the future in light of his influential “Why the future doesn't need us” article in Wired and his later realizations, that we need to choose our future lest it is chosen for us against our interests. The “we” are us humans, all of us. I agree. No more lais-sez faire history.

Sun has lost a true visionary with Bill Joys departure.

The upcoming Half-life 2 game source code were stolen. There's a good Wired story about it. It was probably done with the aid of one of the 31 unpatched security holes in the Windows Internet Explorer component. Too bad, though I don't feel the slightest sorry for them. Hopefully Valve will learn a lesson from this.

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