Liebach v3.0 alpha

”Our browser suck”


On Tuesday, 1995-10-14 09:36 UTC OpenBSD was born as a fork from NetBSD. Happy 8 years birthday.

To pass the time until your OpenBSD 3.4 CD set arrives, or you can download the files from the FTP site, you can go and play hangman.

I stumbled upon this great article about how Microsoft has all but neglected their Internet Explorer browser since they crushed Netscape. A great quote:

"While it is true that our implementation is not fully, 100 percent W3C-compliant, our development investments are driven by our customer requirements and not necessarily by standards," said Greg Sullivan, a lead product manager with the Windows client group.

So, Microsoft doesn't care about standards. Who would've thought that?

In reality it's the Mozilla project that's pushing the envelope now in Web technologies, with Opera and Konqueror close behind. The Safari browser from Apple use the same render engine as Konqueror. Internet Explorer is a distant 5th place after OmniWeb which simply can't be worse than MSIE and probably is the same high class as Konqueror/Opera. I haven't had the chance to try OmniWeb though, but on the other hand I've only read good things about it.

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