I spent nearly all day yesterday setting up my new home network. After making it work I decided that I might as well upgrade from 3.3 to current, since that's stable enough for my use, and exciting things are happening all the time. So I upgraded. And I forgot to set the net.inet.ip.forwarding sysctl to 1 again. I wasted 2 hours being really annoyed, it's really hard to debug your own mind. But now it works perfectly, I just need to work a little more on the altq stuff.

I also made Mette Marie's printer work as a network printer. I haven't had a printer for years, so it's quite a change.

And after all that the harddisk died with a little "pop" sound. It smelt burnt when I opened it. So now I'm back to square one, with only one harddisk and nowhere to have my backups (more like redundant storage though). Oh well, I now have to buy a new 160GB disk instead of the new chair I had calculated with, more than a ten-fold increase in storage capacity. I'll survive.