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My home server, Oenone, finally runs well. My cousin Nicolai donated a motherboard and AMD K6-2 CPU mounted in a case with PSU and a nice CPU cooler. There were also 128MB of RAM in it, so all in all I now have 192MB of flawless RAM and a whopping 500MHz of raw power. Well, at least it's a lot more than there used to be, and there's no more signal 11 while compiling. It's just great.

When I originally got the new Seagate disk I had terrible problems with the stability of the system. Only on rare occasions did it manage to run for over 30 minutes before locking hard and need a reset. I tried everything I could think of and were about to go insane Sunday when I started to change IDE cables. It helped a little, but not entirely, so I bought and installed new ones yesterday, and Oenone has been rock solid ever since. I think the new motherboard and harddisks are all IDE-133 capable, the old motherboard probably only had a IDE-100 or even IDE-66 controller, so maybe the old cables weren't up to the higher speed, or they were just old and “worn out.”

Jason Nadal mention the new commandline shell in Windows Longhorn in his weblog. Maybe Longhorn will actually be expert-friendly too, a little like Unix, not just luser-friendly like the current generation of Windows. Read Jason's weblog entry, it looks really nice, and be sure to also read the comments. And please disregard the lame Slashdot trolls that infest the forum after 2003-10-31 09:33 when it was posted there.

I think I'll have to get Longhorn as soon as it's available in shops in about 2 years or so, provided I have hardware with enough muscle ...

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