Liebach v3.0 alpha

New licensing and some benchmarketing


Heads up! I've changed the license on this site to a Creative Commons license. Code is still mostly BSD licensed (license in the individual files) and my Curriculum Vitae is under no explicit license, in other words "all rights reserved."

When Felix von Leitner announced his benchmarks of Linux 2.4 end 2.6 against FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD he did it with a lot of pretty biased rhetoric that made him sound like a Linux Zealot — and he is — albeit not unfair, and since especially the NetBSD folks have been very good about integrating the performance fixes suggested by Felix's benchmarks they're now updated. I sincerely hope that OpenBSD 3.5 will be released on 2004-05-01 including UBC and some of the fixes from NetBSD.

So to conclude: even though Felix should work a little on his rhetoric it was great that he stuck his neck out and pointed at some bottlenecks, especially in OpenBSD. Now they can be fixed.

It is never good to live in a vacuum or a monoculture like some Operating System Zealots do. (And I'm not really pointing fingers at anyone in particular here, just making a general observation).

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