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Nasty phishing


My spamfilters catch a lot of these messages at the moment:

From: "" <>
Subject: New Purchase Confirmed

Your credit card will be billed at $22.95 weekly and free 3 pack of child porn CD is shipping to your billing address. To cancel your membership and CD pack please email full credit card details to Ready to find all types of underage porn? We have the best selection for every taste! Click the secret link below and have fun... NUDE BOYS UNDER 16!!! NUDE GIRLS UNDER 16!!! DADDY AND DAUGHTER!!! WE HAVE IT ALL!!!

Nasty scam. But it is smart thinking from the scammer/spammer scum, they know that some people will instantly forget to think and send off their full creditcard details to the mentioned email address. I do not need to explain why you shouldn't send them anything, right?

The depressing thing about this is that there probably is places selling the stuff the scammers here are claiming to sell. That, and the fact that there are people preying on other people like that. It does not make the world a better place.

To lighten up a little, at least if you're a native Danish speaking person, you can visit “styrelizeren”, it's a filter transforming any webpage to the most lame Danish teen-ager speak. Hilarious, as long as you only try it on Danish language pages.

But then again, the Internet is shit.

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