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Bruce Lee


Walking around on “Strøget” in Copenhagen is hell on a Saturday like today. But I found four Bruce Lee DVDs: “Way of the Dragon”, “Game of Death”, “Tower of Death” and “Fist of Fury”. The best of it all was that they only cost me 3.36€ (25Kr.) each. Yay!

Today OpenBSD imported GCC 3.3.2 into the tree. There has been a little maneuvering the last two days to make sources 3.x friendly, and I guessed that OpenBSD 3.5 would have GCC 3.x as default compiler, but I'm quite surprised that they took the plunge already. Very exciting, now a 'make build' will take 50% longer ...

I'm pretty sure the import of GCC 3.3.2 is motivated by its support of the new high performance AMD Opteron CPU, something Theo seems very keen on getting after Sun proved to be a PITA to work with on support for the UltraSPARC III CPU. I think the Opteron is a much better CPU anyway, with more of a future, so it's all good.

I've run FreeBSD for the last few weeks on my laptop, but I'll probably go back to OpenBSD pretty soon to check out the latest very interesting developments — and resulting breakage.

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