64 bit sweetness

Dec 1, 2003

It turns out that the new GCC 3.3.2 in OpenBSD is installed in parallel to the old 2.95.3 version, and that 3.3.2 is only for architectures and ports/packages that needs it, AMD and HP-PA 64bit CPUs, none of which are supported in the tree at the moment, and those that run better with it, UltraSPARC and PPC come to mind.

All in all a slightly more cluttered base system, but I understand the reasoning. I'm quite curious as to how they'll manage the up and coming amd64 port, probably with only the 3.3.2 compiler installed.

I seriously need an Opteron based workstation. An Opteron based server would be nice too, hosted in a server-hotel with native IPv6 connectivity. Oh well, I'm just dreaming ...

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