64 bit sweetness

It turns out that the new GCC 3.3.2 in OpenBSD is installed in parallel to the old 2.95.3 version, and that 3.3.2 is only for architectures and ports/packages that needs it, AMD and HP-PA 64bit CPUs, none of which are supported in the tree at the moment, and those that run better with it, UltraSPARC and PPC come to mind.

All in all a slightly more cluttered base system, but I understand the reasoning. I'm quite curious as to how they'll manage the up and coming amd64 port, probably with only the 3.3.2 compiler installed.

I seriously need an Opteron based workstation. An Opteron based server would be nice too, hosted in a server-hotel with native IPv6 connectivity. Oh well, I'm just dreaming ...