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Happy new year


In Denmark 2 people were killed by fireworks, one got his head blown off, literally, by an illegal chrysantemum bomb. The fuse went out so he walked back to it to relight it, and it went off almost instantly. He won't do it again. The other one were just plain unlucky with, probably, legal fireworks.

I played Ludo for 3½ hours last night, only interrupted by midnight and fireworks in a 6-player game. Lots of fun, and it was only made more fun by being with variously retarded people at the institution where Mette Marie works.

The Independent have a great set of predictions for the new year in “The future is now”. It has advice too:

If you're buying a computer in the coming year, don't get one that uses Windows. It's simply too insecure. (Did you know there's a secret “administrator” account and password on every machine? You didn't? Every hacker does.) Get one with the Linux operating system installed (Evesham does them, for example) or an Apple machine running OSX. Both systems are fast, stable and secure. With Windows XP… well, sometimes two out of three really is bad.

Sadly he overlooks BSD, but then again, Mac OS X is based on BSD after all, so I guess it's OK…

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