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Still sick and thinking about digicams


Incredible. This is the third morning in a row I wake up bathed in sweat from fever, and it usually just happens once, and means that the fever is over. As I'm writing this I'm still waiting for the first painkiller dose of the day to kick in so I can evaluate how I feel…

I think I'll have the money for a digital camera pretty soon. I hope I can score a cheap one at a January sale somewhere. Currently I've narrowed it down to a Minolta DiMAGE Z1 camera as the leader, but Canon A70 and A80 looks good too.

The Minolta camera have 10x optical zoom and a cool design which looks quite functional, but it uses Secure Digital media, and since my laptop already has a perfectly functional Compact Flash reader built in it seems a little stupid to have to have an extra reader. The camera claims to be usable as a USB mass storage device, but many problematic MP3 players claim the same, so I'll have to test. If indeed it works fine as a umass(4) device it's nearly perfect.

The Canon cameras are more traditionally looking and only have 3x optical zoom, but they have normal Compact Flash media, which is a great plus if the Minolta camera isn't a real umass(4) device. There's a great review of the PowerShot A70 at where it's compared very favorably to the Nikon Coolpix 3100 camera, and the A80 is probably even better.

So basically; if the Minolta DiMAGE Z1 works on OpenBSD current as a umass(4) device I'll most probably go for that, otherwise it's 40/60 between that and a Canon PowerShot A80, respectively.

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